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Silverstripe 2.4.* running on PHP5.4

If your website is still powered by Silverstripe 2.4.* but your hosting server already upgrades PHP from 5.3 to 5.4, you will have this error in a couple of places [Notice] Array to string conversion Line 386 in …../sapphire/core/control/Controller.php Source … Continue reading

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Junior PHP programmer Required

We are looking for a bright, young, dynamic junior or trainee PHP programmer who loves coding in our Shrewsbury office. If you are just out of college fresh with no commercial PHP or Java programming experience we are interested as … Continue reading

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VAT price wrong for grouped products

There is a serious bug in Magento for grouped products and it has been there for a couple years but Magento still has not issued a fixed. It was originally reported here To fix the problem is actually relatively … Continue reading

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GridField return ‘No Items Found’

First thing you need to check is the related object of the data source of the Gridfield is viewable or not. For example, if you need to manage the has_one Profile object of class Member, you need to define this … Continue reading

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Siteconfig for content authors

In Silversripe 2.4.7, if you need to allow content authors to edit your site config settings, you need to click on the permission tab and give ‘Manage site settings’ to the right user. However, this doesn’t work on SS3.0. Here … Continue reading

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Saving POINT() geometries in SilverStripe DataObjects

I encountered an issue while trying to set up a POINT field with a spatial index. A spatial index in MySQL allows us to do some very fast searches based on locations of ‘objects’ in the database. However, the requirement … Continue reading

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How to read Access database file
(mdb) using PHP

Microsoft Access support in PHP can be done via PECL’s ext/mdbtools extension, which is maintained by Hartmut Holzgraefe. This extension is itself a wrapper around the MDBTools package (, which provides a set of tools to read Access database schema … Continue reading

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New Zenserve Blog

We’ve now set-up our new blog section in which we plan to regularly post technical articles about web development, software, support and emerging technologies. Visit regularly to get the latest articles that you may find useful as a design and … Continue reading

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