Quickbooks Connector

The ZenServe Quickbooks Connector bridges the gap between almost any 3rd party system and Quickbooks, with support for both the desktop and cloud versions. Integrating your accounting software with other applications is a classic example of how to reduce operational costs, providing an automated transfer of data.

Typically, the Quickbooks Connector will automatically post logged sales, enable the export of Customers, Products and more. The Quickbooks Connector Software is designed to provide and interface between your accounting software and multiple channels.

Link Your E-Commerce Site with Quickbooks

ZenServe’s Quickbooks Connector will streamline your retail operations by seamlessly integrating your website back-end order system with Quickbooks. This will, remove the tedious tasks of individually entering orders in to Quickbooks, duplicating what has occurred on your website, giving you more time to focus on your growing business.

Quickbooks Connector for Developers

The ZenServe Quickbooks Connector Software supports an API for integration over ftp for website developers seeking a solution to integrate e-commerce with Quickbooks. This will require a custom ‘data feed’ specific to your chosen shopping cart platform, which will export data to and from your website.

For more information on the ZenServe Quickbooks Connector, Call 0845 0132289 or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements.