Software Development

Software Development is our primary focus, developing bespoke business software that is delivered through the cloud.

Why Bespoke Software

There are times when a software solution is required, but there is no out-of-the-box solution that will meet the needs or processes required to streamline or automate a business process. This may be when you need a solution that offers a unique set of benefits, delivered by a system that is designed specifically to address your needs. This will reduce business overheads by automating processes, increasing accuracy and improving efficiency of records and accounting.

Why Cloud Based Software

Modern software applications are often provided over the internet, and know as Cloud Based Application or Software As A Service (SaaS) and are accessed via a web browser as opposed to being installed on the users PC. The advantage of this is that the software and database is hosted on a central server in a data centre, with all users accessing the same source. This provides a robust and scalable system, with one point for maintenance and data backup. In addition, a user with access to the internet and a web browser can access and use the software from any location on any operating system, without the need to install software on their PC.

Due to these advantages, this is now the model of choice for the majority of new software solutions.

Our light-weight, flexible and robust back-end software will provide the functionality required to meet any brief, and by writing optimised lightweight code, we deliver websites and web applications that are fast loading, easy to maintain and render correctly in all the major web browsers, providing you with the ideal cloud based solution.

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