Cloud Software Development

Are you looking for greater flexibility and access to your software applications?

Using a cloud platform for your software application will provide you with scalability and flexibility, accessible from multiple locations without the need for installation on each user machine.

Cloud based software, sometimes known as Software as a Services (SaaS), is an application that is accessed over the internet via a modern web browser, as opposed to being installed on a users PC. This provides flexibility as it can be accessed from any machine that can browse the internet, so in many cases regardless of its operating system and the need for software installation.

This configuration offers cost effective opportunities to extend the reach and accessibility of your data to remote workers, customers and partners external of your organisation.

At ZenServe, we are experts at designing reliable and flexible our team has the technical ability and experience to develop cloud based software, designed to meet the exact functionality and accessibility requirements of your organisation.

With no up-front investment required for infrastructure, you get what you need with the flexibility of up scaling in the future when needed. For us, the cloud is the choice delivery for today’s software.