Intranet Development

An Intranet is essentially a secure website which allows organisations to control and share information internally between staff, regardless of their location. Any user with an internet connection can securely access an intranet through their web browser, accessing company information and resources.

Zenserve have successfully implemented Intranet solutions that boast a range of features, from varying access permissions and content management, to mass document storage, creating an ideal environment for businesses and organisations operating over multiple locations.

Intranet systems can be implemented with a high level of security access to ensure confidentiality, providing fast and efficient site editing and sharing tools that can be hosted on either local or world wide networks.

Some typical Intranet functions include;

  • Efficient communication between multiple sites and remote staff
  • Sharing and organisation of resources
  • Content management for information management
  • Human resource management
  • Knowledge and document libraries
  • Publish internal news bulletins
  • Manage information amongst groups
  • Discussion forums
  • Reporting and audit trails for administrators

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