Managed Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting offers the most flexible and scalable hosting solution, with quick and easy upgrading of Processor and Memory Resources, and the allocation of additional hard disk storage when needed makes Cloud Hosting the choice environment for growing applications.

Cloud servers can be used to host multiple web applications, or single applications that require a high level of processing power due to heavy calculation and high usage. In either case, Cloud hosting can be a good solution due to it’s scalability and high availability.

VM Ware Hosting

Our preferred cloud consists of a VM Ware infrastructure, utilising best of breed hardware in world class data centres that offer hardware redundancy for maximum uptime. This offers an extremely dynamic and resilient solution that is fully adaptive to your commercial needs.

Our Cloud Hosting Solutions are available in a choice of data centres across the UK, Europe and the US. All of which utilise the very latest IT and networking technology. This configuration allows your organisation to leverage the benefits of an enterprise class infrastructure without a large capital investment. This is down to flexibility as under-utilised resources can be stripped out, or added again in the case of overloading and growing demands on resources.

ZenServe provide Managed Cloud solutions, taking care of OS configuration, maintenance and updates, and data backup, leaving you to concentrate on your day to day management without the worry of an in-house managed infrastructure, and concentrate on core activities.

For more information on Managed Cloud Hosting, or perhaps your requirements may demand a Dedicated Server,
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